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Stuck On 21A

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fiveleaves | 20:20 Mon 02nd Oct 2017 | Crosswords
8 Answers
21A Attempt to arrest a physician pursuing a very old physicist.
I have a-o-a-r-


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noun - Italian physicist noted for his work on gases; proposed what has come to be called Avogadro's law (1776-1856)


Question Author
Thank you
No Parse chaps?
21a Avogadro attempt=go with A Dr(physician)inside(arrested) "pursuing" A V(ery) O(ld) Avo G[adr]o
Amadeo Avogadro Italy.
Togo, take your point, but it is the Sunday Times and if someone is good enough to attempt and, it would seem, almost finish it then I'm sure they will work out the parsing.
Now, if it were the RTE crossword, that's a different kettle of mackerel.
Lol Capito.... just teasing. The answer has been posted many times over the weekend, without a parse, and I had missed the chance to post mine. Apologies if I did miss it.
Had a busy Sunday and was diverted away from keyboard.

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Stuck On 21A

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