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Ticknall19 | 19:45 Fri 05th Jul 2019 | Crosswords
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Am having problems with a local magazine crossword. Any help will be appreciated.

1. Skin-aging radiation (2,1) I presume it is UV, ? but I don't know what the ? is.
2. Drums (7) I presume it is Timpani/Tympani or Cymbals. If 1) above is UV, Y then it is cymbals or tympani.
3. Zippy (5). If it is cymbals, then I have ?b?s?. If it is tympani, then I have ?p?s?
4. The letter 's' at position 4 comes from Abusing as an answer to Mistreating (7), and this seems to fit the right-hand side of the crossword.
5. I actually prefer cymbals for 2) above as i have 'all' as the answer to entirely (3), and third letter fits with the 6th letter of clue 2) above.

Sorry to make this messy, but I wished to show that I have tried to sort out these clues before askinbg for help.

TIA for any help that can be given.


PS I posed these questions earlier today, but they seem to have disappeared into the ether.


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3 brisk?
UVA and barrels?
What letters are you sure of for 2?
You just beat me to all answers, scorpiojo - barrels is better for drums and will fit with brisk
Question Author
I like your reasoning, and think all three may well be right, but what is a barrel, other than being a large-capacity beer container?
Thanks for your help
An oil barrel?
Oil barrel same as oil drum for example


a cylindrical container or receptacle.

"a drum of powdered bleach"

synonyms:canister, barrel, cylinder, tank, bin

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