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Ev 1587

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hankir | 18:46 Sun 23rd Apr 2023 | Crosswords
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I have completed the grid.
I have 12 letters in the middle square. I have the two unclueds also.

Need some clarification on end game.
Do we first fill in new words for 6 redundant words and then change one letter in each?
Do the new words go in horizontally, vertically or both?




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First, repeat the answers to the extra word (6 letter) clues in the centre of the - all horizontally.
...centre of the grid.
Then change one letter of each answer (best to start in the top left corner of the central grid) to make new words defined by the extra words - again, all horizontal
Google the unclued as a pair to help with the changes.
...and look out for the answer to the definition 'disfigured' - it's probably not what you think.
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Thanks ProfessorM.
Seems like a difficult endgame.
Not really, hankir - a bit messy though (just repeating answers in a different part of the grid - with the guide letters from the overlapping answers - didn't take any time at all).
As for the 'theme' - didn't like it at all!
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM.
It seems first one becomes an underwear.
4th becomes disfigured and 6th becomes a dog.

I do not see synonym of extra word from 9d.
3rd one.
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM.
I have finished but I can’t see the 6 letter word that protrudes into the central region.Maybe I have made a mistake somwhere.
Loki2034, there are four words that protrude into the central section. Two are from Across entries, two from Downs.
I understand now. All correct. Thanks
Thanks, Loki2034, glad you had it all.

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Ev 1587

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