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Sunday Express Skeleton 2 5Th December

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Frustrate | 07:30 Tue 26th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
9 Answers

Need help again, folks

10a Greek gamer's  second time on Twitçh 5 letters ????c 

16sa Theres no reflection when the sun is high 4 letters ????

17 Pack in front of silk blouse 4 letters ?l??

2d Better off, pass muster 5 letters o????

20d Wrong end of stale cake 5 letters ??r?e

Hope you can help me finish it. Happy Christmas everyone. Frustrate 





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16a Noon


10 Attic

(g)A(mers) second letter + T(ime)+ Tic (twitch)

17 are you sure of your L?

STOP (pack in) = S(ilk,front of)= top(blouse)

2d Tort (wrong) +(End of stal)E = Torte (cake)


2d Outdo (better) = out (off) + do (pass muster)

Question Author

Many thanks again. No, not sure about the L in 21a was looking for the answer to 22d Fabric that goes under a pair of braces 5 letters. ????n. Sorry for the mixup with the grid. Frustrate 

Rayon. Ra = pair of braces, yon = that.

Question Author

Thank you all again. Have finished it now at last! Frustrate

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Sunday Express Skeleton 2 5Th December

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