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Ev 1623

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tedsgran | 08:55 Mon 01st Jan 2024 | Crosswords
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My "extra" letters have gone wrong somewhere...

first 2 words 3,5   then goes awry...DANGBUYISCHEEEN... which are wrong and i must have missed some?



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Your 3rd, 4th and &th letters are wrong.  Your ending is a little wonky too - you've almost got the last word, but there's an E too many, the N belongs along a bit...

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42a thought was uredo making N extra?

7d not eyes for sees then?  just sees so S extra?

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and from 1d anagram of gleecan with g not used?

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ah..... just worked out the phrase from the to find where they came from!!!!

Thanks, tedsgran. I got this finished without doing anything about the extra letters, but I quickly worked out what that extra line was!

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i think the N and G are ok ...just a variation of that 3rd word?

You're probably right, tedsgran - I probably just went with the version in my mind, the bits I could remember! 

I have 99% filled in, and quote around perimeter, but not sure what to colour. I can see a colour and a plant, but not enough for 34 cells. Any hints please.

It's 4,3,2,7 - your 1st word is right, change the last letter of your next word, the next is right and only the penultimate 'e' is wrong in your final word (but you need 2 letters before the N'.).

LULU what you have round the perimeter should lead you to a song....the highlighting is all in the centre of the grid

Look at the words that follow the outline of the whole plant.

...and you need the 'THE' on top of your plant

Thank you

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Ev 1623

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