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A Science Crossword ( Cryptic )

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Matakari | 11:19 Wed 10th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
3 Answers

Good morning, I’m stuck on the following for which I would appreciate some help. Many thanks in advance!

7a Administer first region undertaking local elections (4): E???

10a Not even Sue’s lied about this inventor (6)  D?N???

16a Measures some slit resolutions (6) : L?T?I?

24a Camp leaves treated alpaca milk for something basic (6) : ???A?i
21d Treat extremely vulnerable with love to develop (6) : ?O???E



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7a Rule - r(egion) u(ndertaking) l(ocal) e(lections)' (first)
10a Diesel - anag 'S(u)e (not even) lied'
16a "...s LIT RES olutions"
24a Alkali - anag 'al(pac)a (m)ilk' ("camp" leaves)
21d Evolve - anag 'v(ulnerabl)e (extremely) + love'

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Thanks, lie-in King and sarbrules!

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A Science Crossword ( Cryptic )

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