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Scottish Field

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johnT | 12:34 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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March issue: All are Scottish words, terms or slang and also could also be regional Scottish terms or variations only used in specific geographical areas. Due to difficulty and often many variations of spelling, some of my adjoining letters might be in error.


9d. Awkward (8) ???H?R?E


11d. Property removed from someone (5) ??H?T


12a. Keen on (3,5) ??L ????T


15d. Where roosting occurs (3,4) ??N ?A?K

(Possible HEN ?A?K)



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15d  There is hen-laft but does not fit your letters,

9d howderie or hudderie mean clumsy

11d ?thift

Question Author

Hazlinny: Thanks for your help.

15d. Where the roosting occurs (3,4) ??N ?A?K

HEN LAFT would be good except for the last letter K

Pretty sure of letter K due to 24a

24a. Oak (3) A??

I have AIK giving the K as last letter of 15d. Although a lesser used variation of AIK can be AKE which would mean last letter E for 15d.


9d. Awkward (8) ???H?R?E

Hudderie or Howderie also looks good except for not fitting in with letter count. The letter H comes from my answer for 14a.

14a. Nothing (6) ?????W

I have HEEHAW and it's the 4th letter H that shows in 9d. If it helps, the letter W comes from last letter of 5d.

5d. Delicate (5,5) PE??? ??L?Y

I have PEELY WALLY with the W providing last letter of 14a.


I'm scunnered and need medication.......... and help!

15d Could also be hen bauk which would suit

Question Author

HEN BAUK - perfect - and I've found corroborating reference to it.

11d. Property removed from someone (5) ??H?T

Thanks Hazlinny for THIFT suggestion. Problem is the 3rd letter H. This H comes from 1st letter of 14a which I have as HEEHAW. So unless I can find another possibility for Scots word for Nothing with letter count I????W - then I think HEEHAW looks good.

Yes, hee haw and peely wally seem correct.

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Scottish Field

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