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The Spectator N0 2642- By Lavatch

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Matakari | 18:32 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Crosswords
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Good evening, a Spectator that’s more friendly than this week’s EV.
Some of the Unclueds are falling into place, but the preamble remains
a bit mysterious to me. It should turn out to be a fascinating endeavour.
Help with the following would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

1d People looking good: Turkic people one leaves ( 6 ): ?S??R?
4d  Swallows and gnus let out (7) : ?Y??U??
5d Move gently around your paths for aircraft (10) : ??R?P?ANE?  ( AEROPLANES )
24a Dyes quiet clothing queen returned (6) : ?EN???
39a Wicked, base convict – flipping criminal! (7) : ?L?????



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fecers- or fevers, john?

 31s Like some fevers gravedigger reported (6) ?E???N


Painter after long periods (6)

I have L????r?

 Can you confirm the pattern please as you show 7


Probably sextan


Gosh, there must have been quite a few people seeking help this week! Some of today's answers were given yesterday, I think there are lots of random little posts.

Question Author

Johnpiper, Tilly gave 4d, 24a, 39a: Engluts,Hennas, Illegal. And 1d, 5d, Gazers, Gyroplanes. 40a Lustra, 31d Sextan, 29d Tannas. For the Unclueds, if you google expressions that mean nothing, you'll see Bupkis and Goose Egg...

Many thanks everyone


Question Author

Hi, johnpiper, an error slipped into 29d which should read: TANNAH.
Hope you had it.

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The Spectator N0 2642- By Lavatch

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