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Clue Chain 2

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miser | 07:48 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
1611 Answers

 The idea of the game is that the setter poses an original home made clue which everybody is invited to solve. The poster who solves the clue first (hopefully identified by the setter) is then invited to post their own original clue. 



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Well done  miser 😃

Patsy, the young lass has to have an op and her family is fund-raising the money to go private as there is a waiting list on the NHS. Quite a serious condition, apparently.

Question Author

Thanks, Patsy

Dodgy premature ejaculation perhaps (5,3,2)

Aww, I know it's serious Ken. I hope she can get the money raised to treat her.

Keeps lie up??

Question Author

No, Patsy - thanks for having a go.

Double definition, I think it's funny (and a bit rude)

Early get up

Question Author

No, dustypuss

Find a phrase meaning dodgy, risky, precarious 

Is it 'touch and go'?

Question Author

Yes it is, elliemay

steal something informally and put it inside a group to create a passageway (7)

Reported- porno graphic 😉

Is that a new clue, dusty??!

Question Author

LOL, dustypuss


Yes Patsy

Thanks. Can someone else take my go please. Have to fetch grandson from school. 😀

Ok, I will if no one else is ready:

a fish comes after a group of workers and becomes lanky (8)


Yes Moorea

341 to 360 of 1611rss feed

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Clue Chain 2

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