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OftPuzzled | 14:00 Thu 28th Mar 2024 | Crosswords
32 Answers

After some labour, I'm stuck for only a couple of the unclued, but haven't the foggiest of how any of the answers link to the theme. Could anyone help with the hidden 6-letter word to give me a clue? Just the first and last letter will suffice.



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(and while I'm here) quinol - 'lathyrus' is vetch and ERS is the bitter variety, I think.

31D must have thrown a lot of solvers looking for the fifth member of the group. A pity that such an excellent farewell puzzle was spoilt by an editor's lapse

...and the incorrect letter count for another clue was on the sloppy side too, I felt 

I thought insaw the theme word early on but like others am struggling to join the dots.

inalso am struggling with parsing some of the clued lights.

am i right that the two pairs of unclued lights are 1a and 22a and 26d and 32d. These being two examples of the theme word.?

36a i dont understand the parsing.

34a and 1d insort of see a weak connection. How does that link to 28d

thanks for the heads up re 31D


on 7D does this end in L and is e the base?

how does 12a which can only be one word i think link to the other unclueds and finally whi is the relevant name relevant?


apart from that all is clear!!!


I have more  or less the same queries as you!

36a Padroni (innkeepers) = pad(line ie if you line a garment you could say that you pad it) + anagram of iron

7d yes

Alcott wrote about the March sisters

1d contains AMY

12a Jo

28d Beth and

34a Meg

The March sisters of Little Women

Whew jj, many thanks, so 1, 22 across and 26,33 down paired have nothing to do with the other unclueds?

many thanks to prof too

No - they are just Marches to help get the theme word

Oh, I see, many thanks jj - for a long time I was barking up the wrong tree - thinking 'organ' was involved in the theme

Wow. Thats all very clever! Congrats to the setter and to all the on line help. 

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