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Listener 4811 Southern Course By Seps

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HawkCrossword | 12:30 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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A crossword of extremes for me. I love the theme and the very clever way it's been set. I don't love the thematic clues at all, though. I really appreciate the skill in setting them, and some are brilliant, but there was just too much of a stretch in some of the normal clue conventions to make this an enjoyable solve. I did enjoy it a lot more when the first thematic layer fell, and I had some misprints to work from.

Thanks, Seps!



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I agree with all of that except for the criticism of the clueing.  The contrived nature of some of the definitions has nothing to do with thematic clueing and everything to do with the "misprint in definition" device.  I have set a few of these now and sometimes, especially if you don't want to telegraph the misprint, you have to find a roundabout way of defining the answer.  I thought this was brilliantly done and, while I still have a couple to parse, there is nothing I would consider unfair.  I loved the multiple layers.  A great puzzle, thanks Seps!

A thoroughly good Listener. The clues were good, testing in parts, fun in some. I loved the way the rabbit holes opened up as you moved through.

I'm with HawkC on this one regarding the clues. They felt contrived and I thought the setter was being a tad too clever which backfired somewhat. 

The thematic layers were excellent, however, and I enjoyed identifying the various links to the theme.

Thanks, Seps.

I agree that some of the clues stretch things to the limits, but generally they are cleverly worded and fair. Misprint crosswords always carry the danger of picking a wrong (though valid enough) misprint, which I did with 38A and caused a worried frown.

Got there in the end, though, and delighted to find that the group were also a favourite.

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Listener 4811 Southern Course By Seps

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