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Stumped on these

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Trevilino | 14:31 Wed 08th Aug 2007 | Crosswords
20 Answers
Singer to captivate that woman totally (10)
a_t_g_ _ _ _ _
Bit of game to flush from cover? (6)
_r_ _ _ _
Go too far using serve with topspin (8)
_v_ _ _ _ _ _
Blunders when taking first part of oral examination (6)
_ _ _ i _ o _
Watch servant getting liquid that has percolated (7)
_ e _ _ _ g _


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1st one ...altogether
2 Grouse
Last one ...seepage
Sorry if it looks as if I have "rubberstamped "..but those other answers were not there when I posted !
quite right, shaney, they weren't there a couple of minutes ago... leylander must have some delayed release mechanism for his/her answers!
PS how do you get grouse, exactly?
Bit of game = G and rouse .....flush from cover in rouse up .. and Grouse is the "game".
is it normal for a clue to use the same word - game - twice in this way? As the answer but also as part of the answer? Because of course a bit of the answer will be included in the answer, but shouldn't the word 'game' stand on its own as the basic clue? Harrumph.
Hahaha.......The way these cryptic clue setters minds work is one of lifes great mysteries ! And I still can't fathom out the fourth one .
Doh .....Errors Errs (blunders)+ OR ..first part of (Or)al
Question Author

Many thanks all
One of those days when I couldn't see the woods for the trees.
Question Author
Blunders when taking first part of oral examination (6)
_ _ I _ O _

The I is from Char I sma (Tea remains mother's finely bestowed talent)
The O is from Reference P O int (Derby winner provides benchmark 8,5)
Then it could be TRIPOS
Trips.. blunders ...+ First part of oral ..O
Tripos is any examination for BA Hons at Cambridge .

Question Author
Thanks Shaneystar2 (Is there a Shaneystar1?) - I would never have got that in a month of Sundays.
If you're still about jno, the clue for grouse is OK. It's what they call an '& lit' (and literally) clue, where the whole of the clue stands as the definition, as well as (in a different reading) the wordplay.

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