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Mm Links June 2013 Week 2

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Manxiemo | 08:45 Sat 08th Jun 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is Manx Queenie, now back home in the UK and settled in once more. So, it's back to the old routine, and it hasn't taken long, as messages on the answer phone and letters through the mail all seemed to contain invitations, requests, confirmatory dates, etc. so I feel as if I've never been away!

Once a week Christiana and I volunteer our services at our local National Trust property, which is Gunby Hall and Gardens, about a 20-minute drive from our village. It is a small country house, built in 1700, and has housed a succession of delightfully eccentric people - the Massingberd family - which has included a vicar whose son wasted his inheritance on gambling and the high life before disappearing down the Amazon, never to be seen again, a lady who favoured masculine dress and founded a club in London to promote rights for women, and an army officer who, upon seeing Men from the Ministry during World War II who were measuring up trees on the estate, accused them of trespassing, only to then discover that the MoD intended to build a runway across his land, demolishing his house in the process.

It was at this point that the National Trust became involved, and today there is a very inviting family home open to all and sundry to visit. The family, no longer able to afford to tenant the house, let it out to a series of other tenants, some of whom were somewhat dubious to say the least, but now the Hall is no longer tenanted and is gradually being refurbished and, as the money comes in, so more rooms are being opened to the public - the somewhat bruised and battered house is blossoming under the tender, loving care of its current manager and our visitors love it!

More of this anon - tales of grand pianos, recalcitrant felines - but enough for now, I think


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Good Morning

Property Ladder
Bingo Hall
Cocktail Dress
Family Bible
property ladder
hall mark
dress code
family fortune
LOST property
DANCE hall
dress CODE
family TREE.
Private Property
Hall Mark
Dress Code
First Family
Private property
Hall mark
Dress circle
Family tree
Listed property
Music hall
Battle dress
Family history
Good afternoon Manx Queenie - SHAZZA is going with:

Property LADDER
Family ALBUM

And I’m going for:

Property TYCOON
Afternoon all. With hindsight I think I should have changed two of my answers, but was in a rush as the computer was being used up until five minutes beforehand...I won't do it, but will keep my alternative answers in mind and see what the results show.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.
Oh dear, I've just read that last post again, and it sounds as though I'm trying to be clever...quite unintentional, honestly. Put it down to poor judgement as I'm
in a tizzy with my son and grandsons visiting for the first time in nearly three years!
front HALL
DRESS code
Private Property.
Dance Hall.
Fancy Dress.
Family Tree.
Lost property
Hall mark
Dress circle
Family tree
Hello, I'll try
private PROPERTY
town HALL
fancy DRESS
Property Market
Great Hall
Evening Dress
Family Silver
Thanks Queenie and good afternoon all. I'll try:

PUBLIC Property
HEAD Dress
ROYAL Family
The game has now closed and the results can be found here:

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Mm Links June 2013 Week 2

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