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Mm Links June 2013 Week 3

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Manxiemo | 08:46 Sat 15th Jun 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is the third week for Manx Queenie's comments on life and, as a Manx woman, I have to start with the TT Races which ended last Saturday. The weather for the most part was excellent, making for some good racing and adding to the total wins for Michael Dunlop, the whole thing only marred by a bad accident during the Senior TT on Friday afternoon. Most of those hit by flying objects, etc. were local people watching the bikes whizz along Bray Hill - it is a Bank Holiday for Manx folk every year - but nobody was killed, so the race was re-started later in the afternoon and finished without further incident. If that sounds rather callous, it is an unfortunate fact that as the course is so dangerous, there is always a risk of death amongst those bikers who haven't properly learnt every twist and turn of the mountainous roads.

To return to my previous subject and the promised mention of grand pianos and recalcitrant felines at Gunby Hall, near Skegness. The Bluthner grand piano in the music room is quite old and has been all the way to India and back but still makes quite a pleasant sound, so couple that with Manxiemo, who is also quite old and has been all the way beyond India and back, and people seem to be pleased by the harmonies the two music producers offer every Wednesday afternoon.

Regarding the two cats that live around the grounds of the Hall, the big Maine Coon keeps himself to himself and stalks around the gardens, waving his squirrel-like tail, but the female, known as Committee for some unknown reason, likes people and has been known to come into the Hall when nobody is looking. This is unfortunate, because if she is still there when the Hall is closed up, she sets the burglar alarms off and creates mayhem.


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Good morning all
Race horse
Piano sonata
Music centre
Smoke alarm
Good morning, All. Don't you just love it when your connection fails at 08:59 on a Saturday morning? Oh well, Lions to look forward to later this morning. I'll try:

Cycle RACE

Good luck, everyone.
Race riot
Piano mobile
Music teacher
Alarm clock
Race. Course.
Grand. Piano.
Music. Room.
Alarm. Bell.
I am sorry I have made a spelling mistake
Piano nobile
Human race
Piano forte
False alarm
Country music
Relay Race
Grand Piano
Alarm Bells
Sheet Music
Horse race
piano stool
classical music
fire alarm

saw it this time :-)
Boat Race
Grand Piano
Chamber Music
Alarm Clock
Race Track
Grand Piano
Rock Music
False Alarm
Good Morning

Human Race
Piano Lesson
Country Music
False Alarm
human race

piano teacher

music composer

personal alarm
race CARD
GRAND piano
SHEET music
alarm CLOCK
Human race
grand piano
sheet music
alarm clock
Good evening Manx Queenie - SHAZZA is going with:


And I’m going for:

Morning all

HUMAN race
GRAND piano
music STAND
alarm CLOCK
I may be too late but here goes,
Race card
Piano forte
Music stand
Alarm clock
Yes kawakiri, I'm afraid that was too late.
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Mm Links June 2013 Week 3

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