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Mm Links Results December 2013 Week 4

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gen2 | 20:00 Sun 29th Dec 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers
To complete the December game, 'Lady Eleanor' (aka elliemay1) gave you all an easier challenge. The game has now closed and I can reveal that her chosen links were:


. . . and weren't 22 of you lucky that she went for the obvious link for GALE?

See below for the details.



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The first two players, Beejay1124 and Tearinghair claimed both GALE FORCE and CLOUD BURST, as did Ulysses100 and Kawakiri within the bonus window for 4 points each
Christiana, Rockfordill & Grannydi were also in time to claim 2 points on the former.

Third player, Christiana discovered the FLOOD GATES were open and along with Ulysses 100 added a further 2 points to their score.

It was nearly half an hour into the game before Jobjockey picked up the final link of STORM TROOPER which along with a single for Flood Gate earned him 3 points.

In summary, this game's scorers were:

6 ulysses100
4 beejay1124, Christiana, kawakiri & tearinghair
3 Handbaglady, jobjockey & seekeerz
2 cliffyg, grannydi, kettledrum, Magyar, rockfordill, SHAZZA-Hewat & x-ray
1 2unicorns, baza, CHRIS-Hewat, Elspeth, evsajo, Onty (Mr O), owllady, pixie373, Psybbo & roslyn251254

ulysses100, seekeerz and Handbaglady were all triple hitters but as the only one to get get bonus points on all three, and as highest scorer of the game, I declare:

***** HOTSHOT FOR *****
***** THIS WEEK IS *****
****** ULYSSES100 *****

So what do the final positions look like on the leaderboard?

We have joint leaders on 7 points: Handbaglady and Ulysses100 - both worthy champions. Well done to each of you.
The only distinction is that Handbaglady was the ONLY player to score on all four games set by 'Lady Eleanor' so by a whisker, I have chosen

****** DECEMBER IS ******
*** H A N D B A G L A D Y ***

It now of course I have to select a setter for January.
Handbaglady last set the links back in Sept 2010 so is long overdue for a second turn, particularly as most of the runners-up set them earlier this year.

**** H A N D B A G L A D Y ****

Well done Handbaglady. I am hoping you are still on the same email address I had for you in 2010.
If not, Please contact me on the usual address


Here then are the final placings:

7 Handbaglady & ulysses100

6 beejay1124, grannydi, jobjockey & tearinghair

5 Aquagility, Christiana, kawakiri, Onty (Mrs O), roslyn251254 & seekeerz

4 evsajo & owllady

3 cliffyg, kettledrum, Magyar, pixie373 & SHAZZA-Hewat

2 baza, BigMac, boxtops, middlestump, Onty (Mr O), Psybbo, rockfordill & x-ray

1 2unicorns, Brenden, CHRIS-Hewat, Elspeth, paulineward & teacher1

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has set, or played in, any of our mad games and may I wish everyone a Happy New Year and see you all in 2014.

So, until 2014,

Be there:-
Same time (9am)
Same place (Q&P)
Happy Linking
Thank you Lady Eleanor and gen2, and a very happy New year to everyone. Go gently on the Hogmanay celebrations.....
Thank you Gen2 for all your work and maintenance on this potty/bonkers site, I look forward to being "hand-bagged" next month!
Question Author

Forgot to thank 'Lady Eleanor' (aka elliemay1) for an excellent month of challenges.

Thank you for doing a vital job that keeps the players on their toes every weekend for a month.

Sit back now and rejoin us next weekend as a player.
Question Author
Better than a 'tea-bagging' though Strix!
Well done Handbaglady and Ulysses! I look forward to guessing your links next month, Handbaglady. Thank you to everyone who took part this month. Happy New Year to you all.
Thank you Gen2. I really enjoyed it and thanks for all your help. Looking forward to guessing again!
Wow. And I thought I was rubbish this month. Delighted to be setter again. Will I be obvious in my choices or obscure. You'll have to wait and see. I enjoyed trying to guess your links Lady Eleanor.
well done handbaglady
thnx gen and lady eleanor
Thankyou gen2, and elliemay, look forward to handbagladys selections next year.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all contestants on MM & KM Links a very happy and prosperous New Year.
Extra special thanks to gen2 for another years entertainment for keeping this this wonderful site continuing.
Thanks you Lady Eleanor and Gen2. It's been a good year for MM linkers with lots of variety.
I trust that all linkers will have a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2014.
Thank you - all involved - for a good round of Links in 2013 - here's looking forward to the 2014 tests!
Oh my, oh my ! I have just logged on to look at the results and to see the upshot. I get virtually nothing all month and then this flurry at the last hurdle. Well done to Handbaglady too, and good luck to her for setting the first links of 2014. Thanks too for gen2 and elliemay2 for their parts in the play, and may I take this opportunity of wishing one and all a great 2014.

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Mm Links Results December 2013 Week 4

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