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Save The Children Quiz C/d 10/1/20

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catswhiskas | 14:47 Wed 04th Dec 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Work out the Christmas word by the first letter of each answer...I have found 9 of 10 required ,the word is possibly , candlemass , although it says the answer is christmas and this feast does not take place till February. I am looking for a word that starts with M? , the clue is If Not (6)


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Michelmas, not sure if that;s the correct spelling
too many letters anyway sorry
Question Author
only 6 letters emmie
What letters do you have?
Unless, Except ??
So it has to be a Christmas word with 6 letters starting with M?
ellie, I think Christmas relates to the 10 letter word.
Ah, it's the 'M' you are after - sorry.

Just working on 'If not'

// according to tradition, Christmas is not actually over until a day called Candlemas.
Question Author
Putting the letters in and the word is santa claus, so forget what I wrote earlier, so please, can anybody help with these clues, 5,Scholarly (8) begins with A and 9,If NOT (6) starts with U
and // the end of the Christmas celebrations come on February 2nd, 40 days after Christmas, with Candlemas.//
Candlemass is an alternative spelling.
Unless ^
Question Author
Thank you all, especially Mamalynne and danny, ,sorry for leading you all the wrong way.
That's ok!

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Save The Children Quiz C/d 10/1/20

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