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Water Aid. Winter Is Coming C/D 31/1

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Cornishboy | 19:38 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Is there anyone out there doing this quiz who could give me some help regarding two of the picture questions?

3. Distinguished looking man with white hair and white beard (5,5)

5.Man dressed in what looks like a ski-ing outfit, standing next to a ski. (7,5)

Sorry I can't give you pictures. Thanks. 



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3. David Essex

5. Alberto Tomba

Help please with no 8 " I hear a voice" (8,9), No. 10 An Inuit legend tells how he came to the aid of a weak young boy who was shunned by his people and wrestled with him daily to improve his strength (6,3,5,4) - I have Amarok the ????? Wolf - not sure on the five letter word. No. 17 Gave his name to a sea, a group of islands, an island and a seal. (5,7).


Amorok the great wolf

17 James Weddell

Thank you johnny.5 and mallyh.

Question Author

Thank you IrishLass50. There is no way I would have got those on my own. I am sorry I can't help with No. 8. I have seen Napoleon Bonaparte  as a possibility but I am not sure. 

Good luck with the quiz.

8 maurice barbanell

The letter count is wrong for Maurice Barbanell. There should be some connection with winter.

hi, i can't get number 8 either, but can anyone help with picture clues 1. 2. & 6 please. thank you


1.  Frozone

6.  Robert Falcon Scott

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Water Aid. Winter Is Coming C/D 31/1

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