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Main Meals

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bobbygill | 21:08 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
11 Answers

1.Preserve has its eye on an orb

2. Fish,Grieve,yes.

3. Royal residence rest

4.maths equation with Miss Fitzgerald



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4 Paella

4 paella (pi ella)

2 Cod mourn nay

^^^^ Ay not nay

1 jambalaya (jam ball eyer??)

if so these clues are shocking :-)

3      Cassoulet. Castle and lay (very iffy)

I agree, this has the worst clues I've ever seen.

Maybe the clues have been set by volunteers, but they really are on the grim side!

I don't know, some of them are quite fun (and groanworthy)

I think cashier's answer of casseolet is brilliant (the dish not so much, I was given it at a dinner party last month and I found it tough going!!)

Maybe the wording at the start of the quiz gives some indication of what's in store...I can cope with dire/punny clues if I have been warned.

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Main Meals

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