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MM & KM Links December 2007 [Week 4]

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gen2 | 20:30 Fri 21st Dec 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is the FINAL WEEK in the reign of Queen Kay the Proficient who has now mastered the complex art of launching the MM link words and who will capably demonstrate that last week wasn't just a fluke. Hopefully you have all enjoyed guessing the links as much as Queen Kay has enjoyed setting them.

Remember: The thread should be opened by Queen Kay at about 8.45 am. The MM Link Game should then be officially launched when she sets her four words to be linked at 9.00am.

The international version of this same game is called KM Links and kicks off at the unearthly hour of about 06.30am! Look out for seekeerz from Oz who provides the entertainment, refreshments and rule of law when dealing with that parallel game. In this case, the choice of words and their links are out of our control. They are the grey words chosen by Kate Mepham in her Crosswords in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday and Monday!

As you see, I have declared this to be the FINAL WEEK of this month's game - even though the calendar has 5 weekends. The setters and scorers deserve a break and many players may be otherwise occupied over the festive period. The sharp eyed amongst you will also have noticed that this wasn't posted by crofter which means that he is otherwise involved again this weekend and I, gen2, will be in charge of his abacus for the crucial climax of the December game - I just hope the beads don't get caught up in the tinsel.

I now have a few questions:- Will Psychic Pauline be able to hold onto her narrow lead? Will her head be clear enough to pick up the vibes after tonight's revelry? Will BigMac or slaney manage a sprint finish to overtake? Or maybe even an outsider?

I now declare the 'Shrubbery' open, and in the words of 'Aqua' "Lets go Party!"


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Hello all from a very cold Halifax. Just a quick hello as we're off out to eat. Hope you are all well. I will sign in tomorrow sometime to try and link with Kay. Not done too well so far. :-(
I wish I could Pauline, but my Christmas shopping is now complete. Won't be going near another Morrisons for several weeks now. The best I can do is Somerfield or the good old Co-op !
Question Author
I've just popped in to check all is OK before I put the computer to bed for the night.

Congratulations. No (double-decker) bus hi-jackings, no excessive drinking and no rowdy singing - so my fears were unfounded.

Anyway, the computer has to be up bright and early for the Links Games so I'll say goodnight to anyone still around.
Is this Kays final week I thought she had another one to go after tomorrow???
Hi Jools...hope all is well! Great to hear from you!

Magyar ..wish I was finished!
Hope to be done by tomorrow ..then hibernate for a week or so!
Well, time for bed I'm afraid. Want to get into town early tomorrow and attempt to get this hair cut before Christmas so I'll probably be late in entering the MM links. It's probably too late for me to make a charge to the top of the leader board this month so good luck Pauline, I'm sure we'll all be in for an interesting January if you take Queen Kay's crown.
Good night all, and hope you all have a great Christmas.
And you Magyar...but remember what happened to Goliath when he has his hair cut!!!
Jools. I asked the same question earlier. It appears we all have a week off next week, if Pauline wins we'll probably need it to prepare for her links.
Whoops that should have been Samson!! Think it's time I went!!
I remember Pauline, and that was all down to a woman too !
Yes but it just shows we have you all sussed!!! Night night!

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MM & KM Links December 2007 [Week 4]

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