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Help Needed The North East Quiz Part Three

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JoeHotpot | 22:27 Sun 06th Jan 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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36. The Middleham jewel, discovered close to the castle of the same name, has which precious gem as its centrepiece?

37. Who was killed in Owhyee, according to his gravestone?

38. Which poet is thought to have been born at Coxhoe Hall in 1806?

39. Who or what has many other names, including Journey into Space and Dog?

40. The singing lady, a young Victorian farm girl who took her own life over a local lead miner, is said to haunt where?

41. What was the name of the Forest Hall budgie that won the BBC's Talking Bird competition in 1958?

42. Which Whitby lad wrote a number one hit single reputedly about the Olympic flame?

43. A Ken Russell BBC documentary in 1959 featured which band?

44. How much did a copy of the first ever South Shields Gazette cost in 1849?

45. What was the highest placing in the World Rankings ever achieved by ice skater Joanne Conway?

46. Which number one record was allegedly written at the Imperial Hotel in Jesmond?

47. Frequently known as the Iron Church, in which town is St David's church?

48. Which town has been described as "champion country: very fruitful though of stiff clay"?

49. Which famous author sojourned in Carlton between 1944 and 1945?

50. According to the Bishopton Parish Register of 1752, John Wright remembers having seen fairies draped in green and tells how they brought his mother what?

Please remember youre doing this because Im too lazy to, so take care


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36. Sapphire
If I was of a suspicious nature, I would suspect a cheesed off ABer is trying to make a point about quizzes by putting entire quizzes on here... Perhaps one who has been vocal lately.... Of course, I could be wrong. I am sometimes. Hence why everyone should check any answers posted on here...

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Help Needed The North East Quiz Part Three

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