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KM Links Game - December week 3

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gonesailing | 04:20 Sat 20th Dec 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Minor stuff-up - have put the preamble in Crosswords instead, have a read then return to Q&P site for entries.

Sorry about that, I wasn't kidding about the brain fade !!!


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feast of stephen-BRING ME WINE

still we see thee lie-THE ANGELS KEEP

the new born king-PRINCE OF PEACE

we traverse afar-ALL MEN RAISING
Afternoon Steff � SHAZZA is going to try:

Still we see thee lie THE EVERLASTING LIGHT
We traverse afar YONDER STAR

And I�m going for:

Feast of Stephen WHEN THE SNOW
Still we see thee lie THE SILENT STARS
We traverse afar FIELD AND FOUNTAIN

Good luck and Season�s Greetings to everyone!
Aquagility has e-mailed me...he had posted this morning...early, but it has disappeared. He thinks he has been exiled again!!!

This is what he posted.....

I tried to make all clear in my 5.45am post, which was - I think points may be hard to come by this week!
The instructions are -
Link these lyrics with another four lines (sic) from the same carols. Clearly the Herculis will not call for the whole line, so marking is going to be a nightmare!

Following the instructions as printed, I'll go for these lines

Brightly shone the moon that night
While mortals sleep the angels keep
Christ is born in Bethlehem
Star of wonder, star of night.

Poor Aquagility....hope you are not in prison over Christmas!!
mrs E
feast of Stephen-DEEP & CRISP & EVEN
still we see thee lie-THE SILENT STARS GO BY
we traverse afar-FOLLOWING YONDER STAR
Eccles is lying down (his age is catching up with him!)
I was advised by CliffyG very early on of the starter answers, before I went out this morning. What I did not understand was what was needed as the answer of each one. Not Knowing too many words of our Christmas Carols I will plump for

Deep and Crisp and Even
The Everlasting Light
Peace on Earth
Following Yonder Star

I have to say I prefer the lateral thinking versions, where I would have gone

Boxing Day
Sleeping Beauty
Jesus Christ is born today
Three Wise Men

On Monday we will all see the solution(s) to this chaos.
Feast of Stephen - DEEP AND CRISP AND EVEN
Still We See They Lie - THE SILENT STARS GO BY
Oh dear, am very confused ! Had a Christmas night out last night, just back home and looking at the crossword! I thought at first that the 'links' on Monday would be the next lines in the Christmas carols, but that would be too easy! So, I take it we are going for the second lines in 4 OTHER carols?
So, after all that, I'll try -
When they are both full grown (from Holly and Ivy)
Sleeps the world; hid from sight (Silent Night)
Born for us on earth below (See, amid the winter's snow)
We will lend a coat of fur (Rocking)

Merry Christmas to one and all! Muzz xxx
FEAST OF STEPHEN brightly shone the moon that night
STILL WE SEE THEE LIE the everlasting light
THE NEWBORN KING peace on earth and mercy mild
WE TRAVERSE AFAR following yonder star

winter fuel
hopes and fears
peace on earth
yonder star
Though the frost was cruel
Deep and dreamless sleep
Christ is born in Bethlehem
Following yonder star
Good evening all, I'll try:

Feast of Stephen - THE FOREST FENCE
Still We See Thee Lie - GATHERED ALL ABOVE
The New Born King - THE SONS OF EARTH
We Traverse Afar - A DEITY NIGH

Seasons greetings to one and all
Question Author
Oooooo I'm looking forward to Monday so much [ not !!] this is going to be a real hoot !!

Come to think of it, I believe something similar to this happened to us all last year - this may need looking into
gathering winter fuel
abide with me emanuel
god and sinners reconciled
moor and mountain
-- answer removed --
Having been totally confused and still am, I suspect I am about to go "misere" :0(

We 3 Kings - BEARING GIFTS (timeo Danaos)
God King W - SAINT AGNES (Keats)
O Little Town - EMMANUEL (God with us)
Hark the Heralds - INCARNATE DEITY (Charles Wesley)

Capital letters, S, being my answers!
Hope you got the crossword OK
Sorry I`m going to pass on this one !!!
Looks to confusing but at least I`m one less to mark !!
Never did understand where you got the words from but I did think it had to go into a crossword but I must be wrong?
Typical Telegraph confusing instructions-four lines must
presumably mean four words & not just the carols title so

When the snow lay
Hopes and Fears of
Peace on Earth and
Following Yonder star,star

Please miss I didn't understand the question
-- answer removed --
Feast of Stephen - deep and crisp and even
Still we see thee lie - Our Lord Emmanuel
We traverse afar - perfect light
The new born king - Prince of peace

And from Stevie: ( in the same order)
Boxing Day
Holy child
Bearing gifts
Peace on earth

Feast of Stephen-Good King Wenceslas
Still we see thee lie-O little town of bethlehem
We traverse afar- We three kings of orient are
The new born king- Hark the herald Angels sing

And the best of luck to whoever tries to mark this !
Happy Xmas to all the Linkers

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KM Links Game - December week 3

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