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KM Links Game - April week 1 results

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seekeerz | 07:42 Mon 05th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone and my apologies for the Saturday am fiasco - the only thing I can say in my defence is that the robins of the UK bear absolutely no resemblance to those living in Oz.
You all seemed to cope with the chaos admirably, it was only me doing a tearinghair on the sidelines.

And once we got the birdlife sorted, this morning's matches were -

Round Robin
Tree Creeper
Fibre Board
Bubble Bath

As Tree Creeper had only three takers and Fibre Board two, the bulk of the points went to the other two, however one entrant very deftly combined 3 of them to register a score of 6points and that was

JOTO, who is now atop the Leader Board

3 point scorers were - beejay1124, tearinghair, Grenmus, barb7771, kawakiri, wickedtongue, ladyalex & pauline ward,

28 entrants collected a point while quite a few have yet to open their account but it's very early in the month, plenty of time yet.

Congratulations to all the points scorers, welcome back freebi2 and Muzz, lovely to see you again.
There is one rule I omitted and that is single entries for each individual - lardhelmet, you are most welcome but three was a bit much.

That's about it from the cuckoo's nest this morning, so have a good week and the flock will reconvene again next Saturday same time, same place for further high jinks and red herrings, so see you then.....Steff


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Morning Steff - no worries about the raven robin thing - you do a great jog

spose I should be grateful for just the one point this week with round robin
and I got absolutely zilch on the MM Links game - so we have a holdiday
today and are off on a village bike ride - happy easter break

Of course I meant job not jog - I need stronger glasses !!
Altho maybe you jog as well ?!
Question Author
thanks John, every once in a while I have one like that, but most people seem ok with it - we're not playing for sheep stations and the girls got me on the right track !!!

I did the same - one on KM and a complete wipe out on MM - not a good start to the month

Good luck with your cycling, I should be doing something energetic too, Easter isn't kind to the figure !!
Thanks Seekerz. I have to admit that my first thought was Raven too - didn't think Robin quite fitted the clue, but then I'm no bird-watcher!
Morning all,
I'm very proud to be on top of the leader board for once! I know it won't last though. I scored nothing on MM.
I'm off to visit my sister in Dallas later today but I hope to enter if the damage done to the wiring by 'critters' has been fixed and the computer is now working.
thanks steff no points for me which ever bird it was
Oh dear .. no points for me either!!
Probably because I forgot to enter again :O(
Must be an age thing?? ;o)
Thanks again, Steff. And well done the scorers - none for me this week.
Thanks has been said, you do a great job. You were only trying to keep us on our toes! :-)
Well done Joto...and have a lovely trip. (I mean journey...not a fall!) We don't take you being leader that badly! :-))
Doh, dismissed my first thought Board for Optic, that'll teach me.
Hurrah! 3 points for me. Mini mexican wave in celebration...sadly I'm away next weekend, so cannot capitalise on this astonishing start!

Well done Joto and thanks to seekeerz.

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KM Links Game - April week 1 results

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