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MM Links Solutions December 2010 [Week 1]

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crofter | 20:03 Sun 05th Dec 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Never in the history of MM Links has a ruler been more generous than King Ulysses II in bestowing on his people a vast plethora of points. Recalling his bouts of ill-health when just starting school, his theme “Coughs & Sneezes” led him to the link words:

SPRING Chicken
WILL Scarlet

In truth, he created a feeding frenzy which could be called appropriately “at fever pitch”, when three of the four links went in the first five entries. Can you guess which link word survived a while longer ~ and who eventually claimed it?



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It was rockfordill who first advanced FEVER PITCH and he was followed in turn by tearinghair, centrino, teacher1, slaney, owllady and boxtops before the bonus points were shut down as determined by the ticking clock. Each scored TWO POINTS for their efforts.

Tracing back, Entrant #3 was Grenmus with WILL SCARLET and he was eventually backed up by evsajo (suffering from some dreaded lurgy ~ called carbootitis?). Nevertheless, she was well within time to claim her TWO POINTS.

In the midst of all this early carnage came fordward (Entrant #5) claiming to be a SPRING CHICKEN and protesting so much at Fever Pitch that sanity could only be restored by awarding a huge FOUR POINTS. This same level of success was repeated by lysander (Entrant #6) with Spring Chicken and Will Scarlet. You two must share the coveted title of HOT SHOTS OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
Question Author
With only one more link word to find, the clock stood at 09.04 when Entrant #17 came on the scene as our resident geologist singing “Oh, the Holly and (not) the Ivy”. Yes! It was gen2 who claimed the last scalp for the last TWO POINTS for GERMAN SILVER. (BTW gen2, I enjoyed your latest Quiz ~ really sharp and clever clueing).

Thereafter, points were scored in singles and no fewer than a dozen players got a toehold on the scoreboard. However, worthy of special mention are ex-champions, wickedtongue and ladyalex, who managed double hits (on the back of Spring Chickens) for well-deserved Two Points each.

The League Table after this first week is:

FOUR POINTS: fordward & lysander
TWO POINTS: boxtops, centrino, Christiana, evsajo, gen2, Grenmus, ladyalex, rockfordill, owllady, slaney, teacher1, tearinghair & wickedtongue
ONE POINT: barb7771, cliffyg, deecee131, Dinkypuzzled, FoxLee2, Handbaglady, jobjockey, miss meg, Mr Ont-ice, Mrs Ont-ice, patchett, SHAZZA & Uncle Tom Cobbley and all!
Question Author
With one week over, a total of 46 points have gone down the Swanee ~ never to return! Will Week[2] bring similar levels of success? You dare not miss out, in case the answer is “Yes”! See you next week. Be there or be square!

For the present, this is crofter signing off.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

he may have been generous but it all passed over me(((
thanks crofter and ulysses
Thank you Ulysses and Crofter. I've made it onto the scoreboard at Week 1 for a change - But I'll probably stay put for the rest of the month :-(

Glad you found the quiz enjoyable Crofter.
(anyone else wanting to enjoy the same experience will find the details here:-

Congratulations to hotshots fordward & lysander

Just updated my avatar for Christmas since everyone else seems to be doing it.

How about a star over the croft Crofter?
Passed me over too, Jan!

At this rate will probably, unintentionally, land up going misère this month!!

Was going to do German silver but Gen2 had already nicked the family Ag!

But, thank you, crofter for the nifty abacus work and, of course, to King Ulysses for bamboozling some of us!
Was I too late to score a point for my Spring Chicken?
Thank you crofter for the usual hard work and analysis. Congratulations too to fordward and lysander for getting the links. I thought that I would start off and give a few words that, I thought, would only have a few possibilities, and a wild card for the fourth. But, it wasn't until reading all of your predictions that I realised I hadn't thought of several of them, so congratulations to you all on your ingenuity. Will I be so bounteous next weekend ? You'll have to log in again next weekend and find out !
Thanks Ulysses and crofter, but like some others, I'm still falling (that's what happens when you don't enter your first thoughts!)
WOW !!!! I get up off my sick bed and guess what ..............I score 2 points !!! That's the first time I have scored any points for a very long time !!!!
Thanks UIysses for such a good choice of words and thanks Crofter for putting me on the score board.
Am slightly better today but in the last 30 mins my combi boiler (fitted in February 2010) has packed up !!! Just what I need.......thank goodness for my hot water bottle!!!!
Thanks King Ulysses and crofter - pleased to have a couple of points this week.
Gen2, I'd love to Christmastise (?) my avatar, but a) I don't know how to do it and b) I don't think a butterfly with a Santa cap on would look right (or left!).
Thanks crofter and Ulysses, pleased to have got one right.
I shall be AWOL till mid January, a very Merry Christmas to all of you and all the best for the New Year.
Good luck all of youxx
Encore! Eurovision strikes again for me: Nul points!

Congrats to those better in tune.

Now, can I stay awake for the first over or two of the Adelaide Test?
Woo, I got one, Fever Pitch, thanks crofter!
Nothing coming to the Stockpot then! :-(
Hip hip hooray I've scored a point. Well done everyone.
Thanks Ulysses for nothing at all - lulled I was, by the Siren Voices. Thanks too to Crofter - I promise to up the backhander next month!
Question Author
Hi Magyar, I start the write-up at 5.00pm and sometimes I am pushed for time and cannot fit in a check up before posting at 7.00pm until after the event.

The Scoreboard has been updated. :o)
Thanks crofter. It might be the only point I score all month so it's an important one, lol.
2 points! my cup runneth over!

Thanks to Ulysses and crofter and well done to all the points scorers.

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MM Links Solutions December 2010 [Week 1]

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