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Any discussion that is scientifically led is acceptable, whether it is about physics or a conspiracy theory.

Whilst discussions and debates are encouraged, The AnswerBank reserves the right to remove answers that are deliberately misleading, e.g. by implying that a statement is a scientific theory or law when it is not, especially when such answers may impact personal health choices.

The AnswerBank makes no claim regarding the scientific accuracy of any post (question or answer) made by a member.

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X²³ = 27368747340080916343     Solve for X No calculator, show your workings.....
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im a geology /astronomy enthusiast.i like to solve quizzes from magazines in my free are 3 questions thats been bothering me,do u mind checking if my answers are all correct??   Which of... ...
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//A new space race means it could be up for grabs......We’re in the midst of a Moon rush. A growing number of countries and companies have the lunar surface in their sights in a race for resources... ...
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Which building holds the title of being the world's tallest, with its pinnacle soaring above all others?

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