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Is Climate Change responsible for the shift in the Jet Stream?

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pdq1 | 18:41 Mon 02nd Jul 2012 | Science
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Or can this change be put down to variable change that would have occurred naturally.

The atrocious weather in the US has also occurred with such awful weather in the UK. We believe its because the gulf stream has shifted from its normal position.

So is the change in the jet stream responsible for the bad weather or is climate change responsible for the position of the jet stream?


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I'm not aware that the Gulf stream has shifted.
I saw weather report today that said the jet stream which is sweeping all this cold and wet in from the Atlantic will be there for at least 2 more weeks. It is then predicted to go North to where it would usually be at this time of year.
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not the gulf stream, the jet stream is different!

apparently it has moved, but nobody knows why or how! x
But it is known to be a regular event, possibly triggered by changes to El Nino.

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Is Climate Change responsible for the shift in the Jet Stream?

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