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Alcubierre Drive

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Atheist | 19:54 Wed 04th Jan 2023 | Science
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Any educated views on the possibility of such a device being developed in the next, say, 50 years?


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I thought it was in Benidorm.
20:52 Wed 04th Jan 2023
That Mensa bloke might have something to say.
I knew I shouldn't have looked it up, my head hurts now.

Been a loooong time since the physics lab for me and still there's no lightbulb moment I'm afraid.

in case you're as ignorant of what it is as I was.
Question Author
Oh, Dougie! I was really hoping for your contribution.
That's quite simple really .

Just like a particle existing in two places at the same time
Okay then: "Ye canna change the laws of physics."
I thought it was in Benidorm.
Question Author
Hoppie got it!!
Question Author
But Dougie got in first!
Coming to this post a bit late, but,
If it were to be invented,
where would we go?
Who would go?
Would we want them back?
Maybe you could ask Schrödinger’s cat
Or perhaps Arthur Dent, in that case telephone sanitizers and middle managers who totally failed to recolonise the old planet Earth destroyed by the Vogons would be candidates
Perhaps I have had one too many pangalactic gargle blasters?
They are popular in the restaurant at the end of the universe.

Nevertheless, thats my educated view. I studied at the Douglas Adams university, on the planet Zarquon! Got a double first!
Could ee not just use a Stargate?

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Alcubierre Drive

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