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PaulGLeader | 18:10 Mon 15th May 2023 | Science
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what is a neutrino


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Some say that any questions asked on Answerbank could simply be Googled begging the question 'What is Answerbank for?'

I'm off to Google that.
-- answer removed --
Answerbank is here for those that can't ask Google their question number 10,,,
Long live Answerbank.
I DuckDuckWent.
I can't believe you posted that, 1ozzy. Gawd! :o)
10C, some of your questions could have been 'googled' too -
I'm so full of surprises 10c

Or could it be something else?

If you can use Answerbank, you can Google most of the questions on here.
With AB you get a personalised response. AB is here to help in a human way. If Google was the be-all and end-all, there'd be no place for AB. You can't quarrel with Google, but you can argue with ABers.
You don't get jokes and banter with your Google answers.
Not really allowed them here any more either though.
Sometimes it is hard to find websites that explain things in a way that everyone can understand when you use a search engine. On AB even the most complex subject can be discussed in a way that helps one to understand.
Lots of false information on the web, too.
Aye, that's what keeps me coming back to Answerbank, barry, the truth and nothing but. :-)
// On AB even the most complex subject can be discussed in a way that helps one to understand. //

Or I could come along and just add to the confusion :o

Perhaps PaulGLeader could come back and ask follow-up questions? What specifically would you like to know, what level are you asking at, etc etc.
The Ray Davies Solar neutrino experiment conducted with a 100,000 gallon tank of cleaning fluid deep underground was the eye opener for me!!

Barry @ 07.59:

"10C, some of your questions could have been 'googled' too -"

I asked that on here because I've only ever seen reference to The Grauniad on this website. Seemed logical to me to ask on here.
There you go, 10C. All questions welcome, logical or not.
Grauniad - did we say - used to printed on Gt Ancoats St - I think it is the liner building nr Newton St
and was the Manchester Guardian
and was the only provincial paper ( ever ) to become National, - changing its provincial name in oooo 1967.

Manchester Evg News is the only evg paper than supported a daily paper ( see above)

Manchester had ( and probably has) the highest consumption of newspapers in the world - the score is 7 - one a day for a week
Manchester was consistently above 7 - eight or nine I think which works out at around
everyone gets a daily paper
and half got an evg paper AS WELL.

wow !

My English master ( teshay to you proles) used to sleep under the presses as they rolled ! wow that meant his father ( linesetter) musta taken him into work.....( 1920s)

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