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What Can You Use A 500Lb Pull Force Magnet For... Besides Fishing?

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PercyPierce | 02:34 Mon 18th Sep 2023 | Science
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My story begins with me driving a forklift. I used binder clips tied to the side of the roll cage with tape to keep the papers i need to submit later on the roll cage of my forklift. Because we work in the yard outdoors, and because it's Illinois, the winds would occasionally blow the papers right out the binder clips. I went to purchase a 150 pound pull force magnet to replace the clips. Now NO amount of wind will blow my papers away and I can carry larger stacks of them on my roll cage.

But now I wonder what can I do with a 500lb pull force magnet. What Practical uses do you guys have with such a magnet?



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When's it due?

Bringing your electricity meter to a halt ? ? ? ?


(WARNING - it might just wreck it 😄)

Sorry but I can't think of anything at all that it's legal to use such a magnet for!  (Magnet fishing is illegal here in the UK).

It's legal in Scottish canals with the relevant consent form, anyone can get one.

In England many folk living on the canals illegally magnet fish to retrieve their dropped windlass, lost chimneys and keys.  Nobody has been prosecuted, fined or told off as far as I know.  Many canal side chandlers sell the magnets.

Throw a 500lb magnet in to a UK canal and you'd probably end up with a flotilla of narrowboats 😆

Isn't that about 227kgs?

Just don't put your finger between the magnet and the fridge door.

piggy, that's the pull power of the magnet - in reality it isn't that big


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What Can You Use A 500Lb Pull Force Magnet For... Besides Fishing?

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