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105 I think

No it must have brackets:

(196-182) x 0.5=7



Yes, it would be 105, multiplication takes precedence

I get 105

It's 105.

Is that 7 factorial (ie 5040) followed by an exclamation mark or 7 factorial  factorial - which would be whater 5040! is?


Go on, tell us why you're asking

Question Author

105 is correct so is 7!!

How can both be correct?

Question Author

7!!=105 (!!= double factorial)

7!! is not (7!)!

its 7 x 5 x 3 x 1 = 105


I make it 106

I didn't know that you meant double factorial, I thought you were expressing great surprise!!

Question Author

15:31 how have you arrived at 106?

Question Author

15:34 yes it was meant to be slightly mischievious! When I first saw it I thought it's 105 not 7 and assumed the 7 was arrived at by (196-182)x0.5 and therefor wrong. That's what threw me. So when you realise that the !! is not merely punctuation then you can see that it is in fact the correct answer of 105 expressed as a double factorial.

Very nice 

Very good!

How intersesting. I have a maths degree and yet I have never heard of a double factorial before.

I should get a best answer for being the first to spot the factorial aspect (!!)

Question Author

Prudie, ever heard of Tetration?

scroll down

Probably, I just read it as an exclamation and assumed this was going to be a BODMAS (or your preferred mnemonic) type question.

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