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Goods From Abroad.

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catsrcool | 15:13 Fri 01st Jan 2021 | Shopping & Style
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This is essentially the same question that was posted by Hymie.
The rules have been updated here:
"Goods that are outside the UK at the point of sale
The seller must work out the consignment value of the goods by deciding their ‘intrinsic value’, this is the price the goods were sold for, not including:

any transport or insurance costs, unless they are included in the price and not separately shown on the invoice
any other identifiable taxes and charges
Unless sent individually, the seller must add the individual values of all items in a consignment together to get the total value of the consignment.

If a seller makes changes to the value of the consignment so that its total value goes above £135 they may be liable for import VAT and Customs Duty, and have to adjust the VAT already accounted for at the point of sale.

Low value consignment relief (LVCR), which is an import VAT exemption for goods valued at £15 or less, has been removed in:

Great Britain for goods imported from outside the UK
Northern Ireland for goods ordered remotely that are imported from outside the UK and EU"
So if I buy a product from Hong Kong that is £135 I pay no VAT or Customs Duty?


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