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Hopkirk | 10:28 Sat 05th Aug 2023 | Shopping & Style
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I keep seeing on line adverts for a site called Temu.

The prices I have seen on the few times I have focussed seem ridiculously cheap.

Should I continue to ignore this site?


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Yes. I sent for a few summer dresses which I'm wearing as nightdresses. Probably half the amount of material in them than is shown in the pictures.
Wouldn’t touch them with the proverbial....,
Someone on here did buy something she was pleased with but I'm not dabbling. I'll stick to good old Amazon.
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You can get badly stung on Amazon Marketplace.
I wouldn’t shop with them
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Interesting. It looks like part of Chinese efforts to undermine the West's economy. I won't touch them.
Temu is an online marketplace, rather than an actual seller of products. (i.e. lots of different sellers use Temu as a place to advertise and sell their products). So there will almost certainly be a mix of honest and dishonest sellers on Temu. I certainly wouldn't use the site to purchase any high value products but, if you're prepared to take a bit of a chance, there are definitely some bargains to be found. See here:

I watched a YouTube video recently from an American guy who's got an excellent track record of posting hundreds of technology videos. (i.e. he's not a scammer who just put a video up to promote a dodgy deal). He saw an offer for a handheld UHF/VHF transceiver on Temu, of the type (and make) that are popular with amateur radio enthusiasts. (I've got one myself. They generally retail for between £40 and £50 in the UK, although I picked mine up for £30). The price quoted on Temu was just $2.99 + $0.25 tax (= $3.24), with free shipping. So, not really expecting to get what he ordered, he sent off for one. Amazingly (in my opinion anyway) he received the product that he'd ordered.
I have been tempted, they sell women's clothing in the bright and floral colours that I like.

The suspicious bit is that there would be a model advertising nice blouses. Each picture sows the exact same model with another blouse design superimposed.

I'll stick to Amazon, they give a free cat bed with every order. I don't have a cat!

The prices they're offering are seriously too good to ignore, IMO. If I were you, I'd try looking for some reviews about Temu. Hearing from people who have actually used the site might give you a better sense of whether it's legit or not. Here's the review about temu ( ) I've found by quick googling.

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