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Anyone Bought One?

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nicebloke1 | 15:36 Sat 14th Oct 2023 | Shopping & Style
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An USB electric heated vest/ jacket/ coat. If so are they worth buying/ info.



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My brother bought a body warmer he thinks it's brilliant. He was always bothered with a cold back not anymore he said. 

I work at my PC a lot, and get quite chilly sitting still for long periods. 

 Two Christmases ago my daughter gave me one of these heated vests. 

It is wonderful. I can recommend it.

When you leave your desk, do you find that you drag your PC off and onto the floor as you leave ?

My specially made  chair has a heated back.  Its wonderful!  Only problem is that I fall asleep in it!

I have heated gloves with USB and I keep the usb attached to portable charger in pocket- great when on laptop or out for walk. Also got  a heated dressing gown/throw with sleeves for son who loves it on cold mornings.

I bought one for my brother for on his motorbike.

It certainly heats up quick.

Do your research - some have more heated areas than others.

Also, be wary of sizes.  Sizes can be smaller than you think.  If I remember I bought equivalent of large and x-large.  More like small and x-small.  No problem getting them chnged for a bigger size.

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Anyone Bought One?

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