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Which One Saturday?

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abbeylee90 | 17:52 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I've already got these outfits and sold loads of mine on vinted and going to bottomless brunch Saturday from 12-2 and looking for outfit




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Which top then?

It's difficult just seeing a picture of them - I, personally, don't care for any of them but maybe the pink one.  I did suggest smart casual e.g. top and style jeans.  It's only a couple of hours and bottomless brunchers will probably be too blitzed to notice what you're wearing anyway. x

21:20...eeek, no! 🤐😑

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No I not wearing or other option black turtle neck top with pink trousers 

Sounds OK - maybe add some colourful beads?

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Not the last one for lunch.

The black dress looks tarty.

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Black dress?

I assumed scorpiojo meant the dark brown one 

This lunchtime I noticed for the first time a restaurant offering bottomless brunch (£39.95). It was in an up market area but irt seemed to me the clientele hadn't gone to as much trouble as you abbey to choose what to wear- lots of jeans, sweatshirts/hoodies, guys with shorts and caps/bobblehats. i'm sure you'll look good whichever you choose, abbey.

Sorry, thought it was black.

Abbey - I just want  to say that if you are having money troubles you wear one of the outfits you already own.  Perhaps give it a newlook with a scarf or something, since you admitto money problems.

When I was growing-up there was 'make-do and mend'. Look it up.

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I can't imaging spending forty quid on a meal and drinks.  I can get a lovely meal for about a tenner plus about five or six quid for a couple of drinks.  They must be raking it in charging that much for a basic meal plus cheap wine.  

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