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Which Dress ?

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abbeylee90 | 19:04 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Like for a date or special occasion



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Yes but looking for new job

Have you now managed to repay the people you borrowed money from (your Mum and the friend whom you owed for the Bottomless Brunch)?

//looking for new job\\   Abbey - I am sure this has been suggested previously but why don't you look for a job involving fashion, shoes, beauty/nails, etc. instead of warehouse/cleaning?  You are obviously interested in those things and there must be many such shops in the city.

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I payed for the bottomless brunch yes

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There's no jobs in new look and I tried beauty wasn't for me

OK but there must be other shops besides New Look?

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Maybe h&m

Primark, M&S, Phase 8, River Island... There is no shortage of clothes shops

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If you are selling stuff on vinted its rather daft to then spend that money on new clothes when you are short of cash and can't afford to go out without borrowing money.  Did you pay your mum back?  Did you tell your friend you can't afford to do any more bottomless brunches till you get a full time job?  

I think it's sometimes a bit unfair on abbey to suggest those shops for example. Unless I'm wrong, and I'm sure I'l be told if I am, abbey didn't stay at B&M becasue she couldn't handle the till. That will be the same in any shop, dealing with tills, card payments, card declines, refunds etc.

You can't have it both ways.

"why don't you look for a job involving fashion"
"There's no jobs in new look"


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I'll pay my mum back next week and no I went 

Instead of selling clothes on Vinted for pennies why not keep them and wear them?  You do seem to spend money on unnecessary things..  new clothes, nails etc.

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