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Which One For Meal Tonight?

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abbeylee90 | 08:38 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Can you afford to go out tonight and tomorrow?

I'm not getting the link, Abbey.

I think the  tall guy on the left is more suitable than the short scrawny guy on the right

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New what do you mean?

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Scorpio don't know if I'm going tomorrow 

Well if you don't intend to go tomorrow wouldn't it be polite to let the chap know, you don't like it if someone lets you down at the last minute 

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I will if I decide not to 

Your link isn't working now, Abbey, but when I looked earlier I thought two of the outfits were... distinctly unappealing.

You cannot afford to pay your mum back so don't think about wasting money on a meal out.  You are not being very fair are you?

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No and I feel so bad and want to whole lot back when  I get full time job 

Thanks, Abbey. The first one is... the best (of a bad bunch, for me!)

Can you reread that Abbey and see whether it could be written more clearly as I don't understand it.

If you feel bad, you do not go out tonight.

Your mother will lose faith in you if you continue to owe her money and yet you continue to go out.

Have you been to the interview yet today?


As a full time job could well be a long way off why not start paying her back now instead of spending money on meals out?  By the time you get a full time job you could have paid her back in full.

If you wear the first one and you've already got it, remember to take the price tag off

In someway you remind me of my stepbrother - he lives at home, pays minimal rent, and his mother ferries him around.

The big difference is he has a full time job, and a load of savings behind him.

He did not have your education and worked hard to get a job in a pharmacy and is studying in his spare time for his relevant work qualifications.

Abbey, it's not much use to your mum for you to say you 'feel so bad and want to pay it all back'. I don't think you've had even the glimmer of a full-time job in the past 18 months, so it might a good while before you're in a position to pay the debt off in one fell swoop. Would it not seem fairer to start paying off some of it now? 

Don't buy any more clothes, leopard print or otherwise, don't go to bottomless brunches, have false nails, meals out, etc. until you pay your mother back.  Unless someone else is paying.

Agreed smurfchops  but we must have  said that a hundred times on different Abbey threads, but the message isn't received. Lankeela is good at explaining why. It reminds me of trying to reason with young children.

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Which One For Meal Tonight?

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