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Which One For Meal Tonight?

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abbeylee90 | 08:38 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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What do I say?

Question Author

Not sure 

I thought your meal was last night.

You must know how much you spent.

Today was a date, Barsel.

Barsel that was a meal out Abbey would have had to pay for, the date was tonight.

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It was I'm on abour not wanting to go tonight and what to say to him

Just say you're sorry but you've changed you're mind and you won't be meeting him.  Don't make excuses.  Just tell him.

Just tell him sorry, I've changed my mind and won't be seeing you after all. 

Simply say that you have decided not to meet - you have this very  late.

*changed your mind

^^ left this ....

Oh sorry, I didn't realise.

Tell him and never complain again about a man not telling you he is not interested in you.

what you are doing to this chap is rude and a tad unkind.

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Redhelen why is it by telling him? Truth is I don't feel like it

^No it isn't.  Abbey is allowed to change her mind about who she wants to go out with.  

Just tell him, Abbey.  

You obviously had no intention of going out with the man you described as 'scrawny' yesterday so it's very rude of you to let him know so late. Inform him straight a way that you are unable to go  and apologise for leaving it until the last minute 

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That it he knows I went out last night 

Abbey/  Had a definite time and meeting place been arranged for your date tonight?

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Which One For Meal Tonight?

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