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Which One For Tomorrow

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abbeylee90 | 20:13 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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For works do as not sure if I'll be under or overdressed never been out with work





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Not yet 

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I dint really want to as I'm quite nervous

Are you talking to yourself /thinking out loud now abbey? It's not clear which posts, if any, you are answering.

Abbey hasn't yet told the laundry about her Selco job, she doesn't really want to as she is a bit nervous about it.

Ok Barry thanks. I thought the thread was about what to wear tonight.

Surely the laundry must wonder why abbey is off for two weeks? If abbey gets the job she'll be expected to give notice. I assume she's nervous because she knows she intends to walk out without notice

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Nervous about going out with them tonight 

Oh!  It'll be fine, you'll be fine.


Them?  Laundry or Selco?

Going out with selco , Abbey said earlier. Someone's leaving if I understood correctly.

Is this the golf fang do?

I should scroll back - was the Golf Fang outing not with her friends?

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No we not going to golf fang 

Maybe Hazelninny.


^^^ I thought for a minute Bobbinwales was back - that's what he used to call me 🤣

Abbey, has the laundry works 'do' at Golf Fang been cancelled, or did you decide not to go to that one - and go to the Selco one instead? I got confused earlier, maybe because of the earlier work 'do' meaning the laundry place! It's very nice that you've been invited to the Selco one, you've done only a week's work.

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Laundry one got cancelled and yes they are good like that.

Thanks, Abbey - two works events in one weekend might have been a bit much anyway! Things seem to be looking up for you this week, fingers crossed that Selco keep you on (and fingers crossed that you don't have a long period of notice to work out at the laundry).

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Because I haven't known long or been out with them don't know what I'll wear 

I think the earlier suggestions should have been helpful. Don't dither too long, a waste of time and energy!

Abbey, you seem to have a choice of a lot of clothes in your wardrobe - just wear what you feel most comfortable in, never mind what others might be wearing. x

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