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Mother Of The Groom

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fruitsalad | 17:32 Sun 19th May 2024 | Shopping & Style
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What should she wear, the wedding is abroad in the sun (hopefully)



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Some suggestions here:

A simple floral dress might look good in the sun (although, hopefully, not at the sort of prices shown in this link!):

A friend's son recently married and his dear old mum was supposed to take her cue from the mother of the bride.

Much rumbling in the background but on the day her light blue two-piece looked very nice. The other one looked like a lumpy sea monster in a too-small dress but seemed not to notice.

Whatever's comfortable I suppose.

Nothing or very little if it is really hot....

^^^ 'Nothing' would certainly help to keep the cost down, DTC 😊

Don't wear anything tight, something floaty...

Something light and floaty for a sun drenched wedding. 

Something slightly smarter but comfortable for UK. Trouser suits are fine if preferred.

Eitherway, check in with MotB to prevent colour snap or clash.

Garland of flowers and a big grin?

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Mother Of The Groom

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