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Past their fashion sell by dates?

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hundreddolla | 16:07 Wed 10th Oct 2007 | Shopping & Style
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What "fashionable" item do you cringe when you see people wearing?

For me it's got to be:

Ugg Boots - Give it up.They were bad enough in 2001 when Kate Moss et al were wearing them. A "revival" led by spotty fat teens, teaming them with sweat pants, 6 years later is embarassing. Cue a chorus of "But they're soooo comfortable"

Crocs - You're not from the future. You just look like your feet are made of Lego. Cue a chorus of "But they're soooo comfortable" part 2.

Star Tattoos - Whether they're spiralling up your forearm or dotted across the small of your back. You have the most commonly seen tattoo in the world. You're not original. Congratulations, you are a sheep.

Anyone else care to add.............


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Studs: I'm not talking about pierced ears. I'm referring to studs through the tongue, or as they might say 'Trew de tun' or nose studs...ouch..or those ones that are just at the top of the bridge of the nose...crum...I'd think it would be like seeing little specs above your eyes all the time...

and I shudder to think about the ones in 'other places!'

Question Author
Studs, yep that's another one that rankles me! Another attempt at being original or angering your parents. Succeeding on neither front.

seeing elderly ladies that have applied to must fake tan and wearing young teens clothes thinking how young they look walking around the suppermarket, that is a cring!
sorry much not must!
Question Author
ANYONE in fake tan is a disgrace! So, when did ORANGE become a skin tone?!? That doesn't look like a tan, it just looks like you've steeped yourself in Fanta.
Sl@g tags- or in other words those crap crap crappety crap Celtic swirly tattoos on the small of your back. They are tacky with a capital T.

Corrr, that felt almost therapeutic- cheers $100!
Question Author
It is definitely therapeutic isn't it!
Oh i've got another one! The "Croydon Facelift" hair cut. Girls with a REALLY tightly pulled back pony tail, we don't want to see anymore of your face than we have to!
Gosh do you not feel the pressure from being so uber cool yourself? Can you give any pointers to us less fashionable mortals as to what we should be wearing? :-)
Question Author
There's always one! As we said before, it's only a bit of good natured b!tching!

.....but since you asked, who calls themselves "ruthiebabie" Ughh! How gauche!

Hee, hee only joking ruthie!!
Wearing a denim mini over black leggings. it wasn't a bad look when it was popular, now ever other bird is wearing and it gets on my nerves.

Mostly, the "goth" look gets on my wick. It's not the people, the clothing or the style particularly, it is the fact that the majority of teens that I knew (ok, a few years ago admittedly) that dressed in black with black make up and stripey tights, a dead centre parting with poker straight black hair, etc etc dressed that way to "be original", yet they look like every other goth in the world.

PMSL @ Sl@g tags....
Question Author
There is NOTHING funnier than a fat goth. Except maybe a fat goth crying, or falling over. ....

......Or crying because they fell over.
Oh gawd - I'm gauche and I wear crocs - I'm really doomed!

Actually apart from the crocs I think I've managed to not make any of the fashion mistakes mentioned above so am considering myself quite lucky at the mo!!

My gripe is people who come to work looking like they are dressed for a nightclub - since our company relaxed its office wear guidelines you see some shockers.
As I wear both Ugg boots (they keep my feet warm) and crocs (for clearing up horse poo) I must decline to comment on footwear ;o)

Skinny jeans. I am sorry, but NOBODY looks good in those. Give it up..please.
Lonsdale Tops - not sure if they have ever been fashionable to be frank. I wear my hubbys to the gym, he has a Lonsdale sweater he wears going to / from the gym aswell. Neither of us wear them as a fashion statement elsewhere. Why? Why? Why?
Blimey, nat. I remember wearing those in my 'Kids From fame' period circa 1982.

I think it's a shame the noughties don't have their own specific fashion so far..everything has been pinched from other eras, and not always to the good!
Anyone wearing high-waisted jeans or trousers,it looks awful.
Question Author
Pippa - What about combat trousers! About as 90's as it gets!
Combat trousers..I also remember buying a pair of those at Kensington market in 1981!

I looked fabulous ;o)
Question Author
Yeah, but Pippa you bought "proper" army style combats in '81 i'll bet. Not the 90's "sold in BHS" style that everyman and his dog had!!
Ok, Pippa, so there were fashionable once, but in fairness that was before I was born!

As I said, I will wear any old cr*p to the gym (hardly a catwalk there!) but I draw the line at wearing them into nightclubs or restaraunts (I have seen this happen).

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Past their fashion sell by dates?

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