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Trinny & Susannah VS Gok Wan

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AB Editor | 14:22 Wed 11th Aug 2010 | Shopping & Style
15 Answers

The face of potentially patronising "makeover reality TV" has changed over the years. Once upon a time two women would descend upon a poor, hapless volunteer, break down their confidence and tell them the clothes they love were stupid. Afterwards the emotionally distraught victim would tell the camera how much better she feels.

These days a sensitive young gentleman of certain taste explains to women unhappy with their body image that actually, yeah, you're alright love - and in fact you can look quite good if you fancy. Or be naked in a shopping centre. Possibly both.

Aside from the fact that in essence this is TV explaining how to get dressed, which do you prefer? The violent psychological torture of T&S or the more kind and considered therapy of Mr. Wan.


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Trinny & Susannah or Gok Wan?

  • Gok Wan - 17 votes
  • 89%
  • Trinny & Susannah - 2 votes
  • 11%

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I'm disappointed there wasn't a "put all 3 against a wall and shoot them" option. I can't stand any of them, patronising gits.

Can I also include that woman who tells people off for what they eat then inspects their poo? Disgusting woman.
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Agree with Boo.

The fatty v skinny programn and come dine with me are my current trash TV favourites... There should be an opion of 'bin the pair of them'...
i quite like gok, that poo woman though she needs shooting i do agree with that
Question Author
I am glad Gok is winning.

I am not glad this has all come down to poo.

All the best,

Spare Ed
Have i just been told off? :-(
He who must be obeyed is 'not glad'


AHem.... sorry!
The violent psychological torture of T&S or the more kind and considered therapy of Mr. Wan.

Totally unbiased and unloaded questionnaire then.
Question Author
Of course Jno! Could it be anything else?

Really enjoyed writing that little intro script.

Spare Ed
well, I'm glad to see someone has the moral courage to resist indoctrination and vote T&S. Probably jayne, she doesn't follow the herd.
cant stand Trinny & Susannah,give me a baseball bat and their heads what a glorious thought!
right, so it wasn't bernie...
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I agree entirely with B00's first answer. Dreadful people all!! Yuk!!
T & S often look hideous - they are paid to rip people to pieces but those two scrawny hags wear revolting stuff.

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Trinny & Susannah VS Gok Wan

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