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Dark green coffee cup

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queries | 13:02 Wed 11th Aug 2010 | Shopping & Style
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I'm trying to replace a coffee cup for my mum but can't remember the brand - its a dark green colour, quite heavy, and I think French. The cup was quite a good sized one and the range was pretty popular a few years back - any ideas anyone?


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Can't you ask her? The brand is usually found on the base. There are loads of sites on the internet that do a matching service for out of production china etc.
Question Author
She broke it a while back and I wanted to replace it! will have a nip round John Lewis - I was just hoping it would ring a bell with someone! Thanks anyway!
Do you mean the hexagonal dark green with a gold trim like this

Apilco is the name if it's the one you mean.
Question Author
Barb1314 - THANK YOU! That is just the one I was after and I've just ordered it - I knew someone on Answerbank would help - you've made my day!
blimey Barb, top marks to you! what were the chances of that? lol :o)
queries,I am so chuffed I was right,as soon as I read your description those cups came into my head. We used to sell them in a shop I managed a few years ago. So glad to be of help,especially when it's for your mum!!
I've got two of those in my cupboard, I think I got mine free from a Rombouts coffee promotion years ago, I shall get them out and start using them again now, Barb1314 thanks for posting the link with the picture which jogged my memory about them :)
......I wonder why they call me Mrs invisible....................................
Question Author
Well, waiting here at work for the delivery of this order - chased the company and they are now telling me they won't deliver till Monday which will be too late for the birthday gathering. They said they would deliver next day and I paid extra but they are now saying they don't actually SEND out the goods until the next day - next day dispatch as opposed to next day delivery! Just a little annoyed and their attitude has been surprisingly very unhelpful - seriously not impressed with their customer care.
That's such a shame.This happens to me a lot. I'm forever apologising to family because stuff I've ordered online is late. I'm sure your mum will understand. A lot of companies have such bad attitude when you complain. I just vote with my feet and shop elsewhere, remembering to tell as many people as I can to do the same. Enjoy the birthday party and don't let it spoil things for you.

Sorry Annie,did you find that cup too.I actually checked your link before I posted and couldn't see that particular one. I don't want you to feel like Mrs Invisible!
no barb - i didn't find the right cup, but it's nice to be acknowledged for trying :o)
Question Author
Barb1314 - my mum loved the cup and was really surprised - she said she's christened it several times already and said how nice it was to have her morning/evening coffee from it - so many thanks!
I'm so pleased to hear that queries. Glad your mum liked her pressie and that I was some help to you!
I've recently sold two sets of these on Ebay.

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Dark green coffee cup

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