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Are Most Of The People On This Website From The Uk And Europe In General?

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Dinkus69 | 19:20 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Hobbies & Interests
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I live overseas in Canada and was just curious. I'm new to this website. I was on Yahoo Answers before it got shut down.


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You're not from Europe then, Teacake?
There’s a few who live in Oz that I know of, others in Europe, welcome
Dinkus; I think they are. But don't ask legal or political questions.
This site is UK-based. The vast majority of regular contributors are based in the UK, with a handful of ex-pats in Europe and a few people posting from Australia. (I seem to recall that there's at least one member in Malaysia and one in New Zealand too).

The sites that are most popular with North American posters are probably Quora and Stack Exchange. (I've not checked out Answerbag recently. At one time is was closed down because it was full of trolls and spammers. It re-emerged later but started to suffer from the same problems. Perhaps things are better now though?)
A few in Oz like Ozzie or koala, then there have been various Canucks and south of the 45th....interesting that you title yourself with 'us' at the end of your name rather than 'can' or 'ada'.... So where do you live - I was at Uni in Canada for a while!
Roy don't be silly, I was being accurate. Anything wrong with that as the op mentioned the UK.
Northern Ireland
I'm in england.

registered only this morning- been having some fun looking around, and also can't wait to share my jokes...

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Are Most Of The People On This Website From The Uk And Europe In General?

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