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Stone/Pebble Painting..

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Patsy33 | 22:04 Tue 05th Oct 2021 | Hobbies & Interests
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Has anyone had a go at this?
I've been having a go for the last 6 months or so. Very relaxing, if you can find the time. I've done a few but like this one I did for my little Grandson, who likes Marvel characters. :-)


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That's very good Patsy, I used to do abstracts or animals if the pebbles shape dictated it.
Very good Patsy. There was a fad during the lockdown ( in my area ) of leaving painted pebbles / stones in random places and the finder then leaving it in another random place.
That's possibly not the most attractive of designs to show us, Patsy, but it's very good, nonetheless ;-)
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Thanks :-)
On the back, I have Captain America!...
That's great, Patsy....and such fun. I don't paint them but make good luck paperweights to sell in the charity shop to tourists.

Fairies gather the stones and leave them on my step at night after sprinkling them with fairy dust for luck.

I crochet around them.....well that's my tale to the tourists..... :-)
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Love it gness! :-)
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Spiderman might be worth a try ;-)

You're inspiring me!

I've only once painted a rock. It was bring your pet to school day in Canada. We only had three goldfish and my son wasn't to be let loose with a bowl of water.
I painted a ladybird on a large stone and he took his pet rock to school... :-)
The large green outside our hotel in Mayo last week has lots of painted rocks surrounding it.
People had painted a picture with words added for those they were missing during lockdowns....a nice touch I thought.
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Great idea, gness..
I painted 3 ladybirds on pebble, I was quite pleased with it.
If you can find a picture in magazine or YouTube e.g, you can have a go at copying it in pencil first, then paint. :-)
I often think that Dave has too much time on his hands... :-(
I may just try that, Patsy. Project at the moment is turning my old dressmakers dummy into a scarecrow for the village green at Halloween.
I could just put a mask on Dave and take him down and leave him there I suppose.
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Blimey, Dave! :-))
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That's a good idea, gness using dummy as scarecrow. Great fun!
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Buen, I'll give Spiderman ago sometime! :-)
I remember that booklet, Dave. It came with the pet rock that my mother gave me as a Christmas gift in 1975 ;-)
Very good, Patsy. Not done any rock painting myself, but did do a bit of rock carving back in the day. here's a litte vid showing one of my pieces :-)

Remember to show us how Spiderman turns out, Patsy ;-)

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Stone/Pebble Painting..

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