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Me for Prime Minister

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Spartacus84 | 00:11 Tue 15th Aug 2006 | People & Places
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Does anyone want to support my campaign for becoming Prime Minister????
Ok, so I have some different views but who would you prefer -
a) A middle aged has-been that only seems to raise taxes and suck up to America (oh, and go to war in a heartbeat)


b) ME - a bright 22 year old up and coming young professional with his head well screwed on. Doesn't really take well to mouthy Americans telling him what to do, loves a pint over the weekend but works damn hard during the week.
Vote for Spartacus84 and I'll guarantee you the following;
- lower taxes
- cheaper fuel
- a total ban on smoking in public (for your own health)
- no bull
- �60k first time buyer homes throughout Britain and not just in the Thames Gateway
- plus much more


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OK, you got my vote, what you gonna do with Prescott ?

Minister for Pies & Pasties maybe ?
You guarantee these things you gonna deliver ...hasn't every P.M. made empty promises?
can't say I've seen taxes going up, not since the Tories raised VAT. But if you're going to cut taxes, how exactly are you going to pay for things - notably health and education? And don't go encouraging more traffic with cheaper fuel, thanks all the same.
would you stop this recycling thing where we have 5 green bins, 4 green bags, three green boxes, two plastic sacks and a council bill we can't see over/
lol, haven't seen taxes going up? where've you been jno?

I'd vote for you Spartacus84, but I don't agree with your nanny state policy on smoking. If I want to kill myself by inhaling toxic fumes, what right have you got to stop me?

Oh, and I don't trust politicians, so I think you're lying out of your arse anywayI think anyone who wants to be Prime Minister should automatically be barred from doing so.
Trouble is, Spartacus, you sound exactly like Benito Blair did at 22.

Vote for me.

Compulsory smoking in public places
Free dope to all who want it
Prison sentences for anyone working over 4 hours per day or 5 days per week.
Death penalty for anyone discussing house prices or the relative merits of cars
ooh, now that sounds like a winning election campaign, almost, although can you do someething about the proce of beer and drugs laws please.
Sorry, no

Cheaper fuel would mean more toxic fumes to inhale...

Talking of which: (contradiction here)

I do not smoke anymore - but would never dream of stopping anyone from doing so - and, who knows I might start again one day (a 'used to smoke' person is no different to an alcholic [recovering or otherwise] it only takes one more) *sorry, rant over!*

Interested in the "- plus much more"

any chance of a change in the failed asylum seekers method of removal - like out on the next plane?

Oh! As for a middle aged "has-been", in my book he's a "never was", I take it your referring to Tony B Liar?
Our present Prime Minister was also an "up and coming" young professional (not so long ago) but if you think you can do better you have my vote (apart from the smoking ban - for my own good of course!!!)

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Me for Prime Minister

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