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Is The Bible Just Another Book

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locusts | 08:51 Sat 30th May 2020 | Society & Culture
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IS the Bible just another book and why do you say it not inspired of GOD 2 timothy 16.17


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Whose god?
The Bible is just another book to many people. To Christians it is a holy book inspired by God.
I prayed for an answer, and Zeus sent Hermes to tell me to ignore it.
The bible is not just another book which is where the confusion lies. The bible is a library of many books bound together written by different people at different times for different purposes about different things. Its like binding together Mrs Beeton, the poetry of Shelley, the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Sonnets from the Portugese, Aesop's fables, Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples and a random volume from Game of Thrones and calling it a book.
I wouldn't advise taking instructions for how to live from anyone for whom having His only Son hung on a cross was determined to be the solution to any problem.
Fairy tales .....
v good woofie
obvious best answer so wont get one
yes - collection of books written at different times with different objects in view
the earliest look as tho they date from 900BC innit?
the latest Maccabees 2 being around the time of christ
// Fairy tales .....//

um well - Herod is historial - and sallow - may !
salome may mayhem ... . sorry - salome may have ( existed )

do you think someone said - OK I wont be me - I will make up someone called St Paul and give him a back story - persecuting Jew etc .....
God 2? Is that a sequel?
PP I learned that some 50 years ago at a very strict C of E Grammar school....only they used a different string of books example on account George Martin didn't exist....they might have used Dickens.
Some poorly researched information has been posted here - but Woofgang is right. The Bible is a collection of stories - the claimed authorship of many - and that includes the New Testament - disputed. The authors possibly felt that they were ‘inspired’ by God but, as an example, to witness people speaking in tongues one could be forgiven for thinking that rather than acting under the inspiration of God, they’re simply unwell. The claim that ‘inspiration’ from an unknown outside source is responsible is without foundation.
Mibs at 10:25 makes an observation well worthy of consideration.
that's assuming he was actually the son of god
I think not - but that's another story.
a book of fairy tales with a few true stories thrown in.
the very best book on
where does the bible come from and where does it go to?
( that is who selected which - - to be books of the bible and what about the also-rans?)
is Bruce Metzger - - see

Bruce M. Metzger - - - The Canon of the New Testament: Its Origin, Development, and Significance

and this looks modern and not bad

but dont take someone else opinion ! see or read for yourself!

not just stories naomi. There is health and social behaviour advice, poetry, song lyrics, allegedly political allegory (Jonah in case you were wondering) belles lettres, and factual history for a given value of the term factual history....rather like Bede and Geoffrey of Monmouth, as well as stories.
Daf Yomi is an amazing learning and critical thought resource.
That^ to 11:50.

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Is The Bible Just Another Book

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