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The Transgender Indonesian Muslims Trying To Secure Their Future

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ClareTG0ld | 12:55 Sun 14th May 2023 | Society & Culture
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Most Pacific Islands and samoa/Papua New Guinea have three sexes of people....other countries too - e.g. Mexico, Argentiana and India.
So what is your discussion point?
Well they certainly don't appear to be persecuted. Looks like they are tolerated by the state which surprises me. Not all mosques are happy with them and their welcome is limited which doesn't surprise me. Any where else in Moslem country's run by Shia Law they would probably be thrown off high buildings. They can always crowd fund I suppose.
Lots of ladyboys working as escorts in Saudi, roughly half a million transwomen in Pakistan. They don't have an easy time of it, mainly surviving by begging but they are surviving
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I had multiple ideas for "discussion points" in mind, but in the end decided just to share the article without further comment.
I think the key takeaway is not to worry or lose sleep over something that in no way impacts ones life.

Going forward.

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The Transgender Indonesian Muslims Trying To Secure Their Future

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