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Bbc Pay

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Hymie | 15:41 Tue 11th Jul 2023 | Society & Culture
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The link below is a list of the unbelievable amounts of money BBC staff are paid.

How they justify paying a radio DJ around £1 million is beyond me.

And at £200k for John McEnroe’s thoughts on Wimbledon, which works out at over £10k per day – how many of you are able to charge that for your services?

The BBC needs to employ me to advise them of their salary structure, and I’d save them millions in pay.


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Dont know but thats the rate,,, or below the market rate for these people... Lineker gets far more at BT sports, some have left radio to get more elsewhere.
Some money could be saved but thats not where the bulk of bbc spending goes its just a tiny fraction.
Why we need 3 presenters on some shows i dont know though
That's the entertainment industry for you. Those that make it get paid utterly unjustifiable sums. But it isn't the only place it occurs, just look what some CEOs demand, for one.
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Hymie... I don't understand it either except I know competitors will usually pay more than the bbc...Graham nOrton and Chris Evans for example and Steve Bruce got better offers...Gary Lineker would be better off leaving BBC as he gets alot more per show from BT sport and adverts. OK there no great loss but at what point do we accept having fourth rate low paid presenters.
Bobbinwales - I am curious. What do you think makes these presenters 'first rate'?
I don't listen to them but feel that if they could receive more money elsewhere then they would follow the money. Just the same as most people who claim they would receive more if they went elsewhere.
I never said they were first rate. And some do go elsewhere. And more would go elsewhere if there pay was slashed as some want.
John macenro is good though... he is first rate. Don't care for zoe ball that much though or most other top earners
Thanks for your reply Bobbinwales. Perhaps they should all be paid the living wage until they learn how to stop behaving like spoilt under-fives.
I'm still trying to work out why Scott Mills gets paid so much.
Or anything at all.
Hopkirk - please to save me searching (if I can be bothered) but who is Steve Mills and what does he purport to do?
Radio 2 DJ from 2 to 4pm.
Used to be Radio 1.

Mr Bland.

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