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Anyone Here Live In Or Near Mile End London E1?

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ladybirder | 13:39 Thu 28th Sep 2023 | Society & Culture
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I'd like to know if it is a safe place for a young lady to be walking through on dark evenings this winter?  



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She'd have had kittens Pasta!  I think things have got worse now than back then sad to say.

NJ thank you I'm going to copy and paste your post to her.  I'm sure she will do her own research but nevertheless it could be very useful.

To deter other women from risking such attack’s.

The assailant grabbed her, dragged her onto some waste land. He threatened her life. Made her drop her underwear and bend over. He then master-bated over her then left her.

she said she felt a spiritual presence telling her to be calm and not scream, then she would survive this ordeal.

The police were next to useless. They acted as though it was her fault. He was never caught.

she eventually got over it. The calming spiritual presence helped her through the appalling incident.

A warning to not walk home alone late at night.

David, not to belittle what happened to your sister - but thousand upon thousands of women walk home alone at night and nothing happens to them.

Do you suggest that a women does not walk alone at night anywhere?


Their choice. Just be careful, and vigilant. You can’t live in fear, but you can be aware of potential risks.

Your mind can rest a little easier now, LB, now she's agreed to take the bus. My daughter was the Same, very independent, nothing much fazed her. She too went to UCL, stayed in hall of residence. She would walk alone at times when out at the weekend. Not all the time, as she usually had a friend who shared her room at uni. She hasn't changed much, although now married with a young daughter. Very often she will get off tube early hours of morning, just coming back from a works function in the middle of London. Then she has to walk from up the local high street about a mile away from home. I still work about her!



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Thank you David. xx

Question Author

Thanks Patsy.  She did apply, eventually, to Halls of Residence but too late, full up.  Her father kept telling her to apply but she said there was no hurry. Doh!

Strong headed, like my daughter.. 😄

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Ain't that the truth.

I'm sitting here remembering the day we dropped her off at halls...tiny room. She was carefree...I was trying not to be emotional.

Unlike my mum who broke down in the tiny flat that my friend and I were sharing in Manhattan. 

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Anyone Here Live In Or Near Mile End London E1?

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