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15 Minute Cities And A Few Minute Intellects. Paranoia Rules?

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Atheist | 17:09 Mon 02nd Oct 2023 | Society & Culture
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Question Author

Thanks, Buenchico.

I can see the merit in it, as long as drivers are not victimised in any shape of from for having the cheek to drive somewhere out of the 15 minute zone.

Question Author

rocky; it's just a way of designing cities so that people don't have to drive very far. The only people who see it as some sort of big-brother control are the OSSOB brigade. (excuse my language).


The 15-minute city has also been fiercely criticised on GB News, with presenter Mark Dolan calling the idea "dystopian."

He said: "Creepy local authority bureaucrats would like to see your entire existence boiled down to the duration of a quarter of an hour."

He was critical of plans by some councils to heavily restrict traffic on popular roads by employing cameras to monitor license plates and giving cars a set number of days a year they could drive on the road.

Mr Dolan said this would be "a surveillance culture that would make Pyongyang envious."


It's not the first time I've heard the above. I don't trust any government as far as I can throw them.

We already have minute cities, they're called villages and there are more than 15.

Question Author

Rocky... But you do trust GB News??

Question Author

15 minute cities are not government schemes. Our govt pretends to hates the copncept at the moment because it gives them another 'enemy' to whip up the populace.

If you swallow that spin in the article then you are probably lost. There are plenty of reports giving clear indication that this claimed, only putting resources within 15 minutes of everywhere, is merely window dressing.


In the unlikely event such a thing was possible, or affordable it could be done without all the discussion on penalising those who go outside the boundary for what government deems to be too many times.


This is a global phenomena driven by global power groups/autonomous advisors.


No one has any right to restrict the choice of the individual citizen as to where to go on the public roads. It is clearly unacceptable oppression of the people by the government to try to introduce such control by stealth. To even ask what is wrong with it suggests that western culture and freedom is in danger of coming to an end.


If you tolerate this consider what will be next.

Question Author


I'm tempted to respond to your post with OSSOB.

But, I do regard you as sincere and not a wind-up merchant.

Why do you think that there is a plot to prevent people from travelling more than 15 minutes? If you were provided with  a nearby corner shop, or a nearby bus stop, or a nearby brothel, would you really suspect that you were being manipulated by a global something-or-other?


What happens if your commute to work is outside of 15 minutes?

Mine certainly was.

Question Author

Nailedit. That's nothing to do with 15 minute cities.

If they opened a new bus route near you, would you immediately think that they were about to get you?

//If they opened a new bus route near you, would you immediately think that they were about to get you?//


Don't get what you are saying?

My bus route was the directist.

And who is THEY?

I can see the bigger picture though.

Condense what communities need down into a reachable radius freeing up the out-of-town warehouse shops to house 'asylum seekers' and their fellow travellers thus freeing up valuable hotel rooms for those who don't want to fund the hated EU by holidaying abroad.


A staggering vision for our age. 😍

Yes. The minutes of meetings show this is discussed. And the organisations pushing it to nations are clearly doing just that.


Try a search, there's a lot of discussion out there. And it'd be unwise to ignore it as everyone knows how unable to do the right thing our main parties are, and how they do all they can to avoid disagreeing with other world leaders and pressure groups. That'd mean actually achieving their job. The signs are all there.

Question Author

Please check out the link that Buenchico posted.

It's a move to regress to pre-industrial times when people did exactly that - they rarely if ever travelled beyong the locality where they were born. They lived and worked there, they undertook what small amounts of leisure they could there, all their needs were either met there or not met at all.

It's a small step from making it seem a "perfectly sensible idea" to making it almost compulsory by default. Under the guise of "saving the planet" there are all sorts of radical and opressive ideas which will see extremely significant changes to people's lives and lifestyles. Civil aviation is high on the list. It is low hanging fruit for climate campaigners and there are numerous ideas from making air travel prohibitively expensive by way of taxation, through limiting individuals to a small number of flights annually, to a complete ban on civilians flying.

Those embracing these ideas should be careful what they wish for.

It's all about creating a controlled socialist state.

What's OSSOB? 

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15 Minute Cities And A Few Minute Intellects. Paranoia Rules?

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