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royfromaus | 23:57 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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riots are just around the corner?

Ireland (hi Dave, Gness) is teetering on the edge.



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Curiously, was chatting tonight to a mate of mine who lives in Dublin and he was saying that the tension on the streets is almost tangible.

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This is a genuine question, probably a waste of time on here.

But...I would like to see some  genuine, honest answers.



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Is this going to become the new norm?

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Sources have indicated to the BBC that the man suspected of carrying out the attack is an Irish citizen, who has lived in the country for 20 years.


20 years and he does this. Unbelievable.

We will get sandyRoe along shortly saying those rioting in the streets against mass immigration to Ireland arent actually Irish,but are"West British".

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This man is a basket case. He aslo appears to hate the Ireland he is living in.




This is a day of enormous joy and relief for Emily Hand and her family. An innocent child who was lost has now been found and returned, and we breathe a massive sigh of relief.  Our prayers have been answered.

A huge exageration, just a one day Dublin riot, not the start of the end of the country.

Sinn Fein probably feel miffed that somebody other then them has managed to stir up trouble in Ireland

I read the perpurtrator was an 'Irish citizen' Algerian. One of the 20% of all Irish (total population 6 million) citizens who were born elsewhere, and the majority of them are Muslims.

KHANDRO, “One of the 20% of all Irish (total population 6 million) citizens who were born elsewhere, and the majority of them are Muslims.”


There was a Census in the ROI last year which showed 81,930 or only 1.59 per cent of the population, described themselves as being Muslims.

Where did you get your figures from?


perhaps my maffs is a bit skewiff, but doesnt that article support corby's answer rather than yours?

bednobs // but doesn't that article support corby's answer rather than yours?//

Yes, but the stats are nonsense. Even if they were true whenever taken, which I doubt, the peoples of the Muslim countries have been pouring in, in very large numbers on a daily basis since then, just as they have been into the UK.

The hard fact is, nobody knows for sure, but the people living there, particularly in & around Dublin, can see what is happening with their own eyes.

so you just pulled the 20% figure out if your bum then

Not where Dave and Gness live I suspect.

There are bad people in all cultures, I hope Ireland has grown beyond the point where a tragedy starts a massive blame and reaction cycle.

Untitled. ^^^ 'There were 4.3 million people who usually lived in Ireland who indicated that they had either Irish only or dual Irish citizenship. This made up 84% of the population of usual residents. The number of non-Irish citizens increased in 2022, accounting for 12% of the population.'

But that was 2 years ago! Look at the percentage increase in the UK since then, & it could be even a higher percentage in Ireland, and you can see that it is now easily 20% which was a figure mooted on a TV programme the other evening.

'....... Today around one in five residents was born abroad, an astonishing demographic change. ......'

from an article in today's Telegraph

^^ that is, of Ireland

are you aware that people born of irish citizens in other countries can claim citizenship? i believe the same right even extends to their grandchildren. it is called the foreign births register. 

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